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What is the correlation between the level of education and number of friends?

I have heard, that a study was performed, maybe in Brazil, and it showed that a correlation was found – more educated people have less friends. I was unable to google this work. Maybe somebody here ...
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What are the true signs of haters?

What are the real signs of haters? The reason I asked this question is that I encountered people who treated me badly with criticism now and then. I suspected that they hated me, but I cannot find any ...
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Does replacing social media use with solitary activities alleviate loneliness?

Many studies about problematic social media use have suggested that social media increases loneliness. The typical hypothesis given is that social media displaces time spent in face-to-face social ...
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Does anonymity decrease risk aversion?

I was wondering if anonymity decreases risk-aversion? And if there are studies made in this subject already from which this could be further researched. For example. If we imagine a public casino ...
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Are we programmed to live together? [duplicate]

In general, the humane tendency is to couple with only one person and to be faithful to one's only partner. So dating someone else is very poorly looked. But there are in some parts of Africa, for ...
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What is this type of graph called?

It is common to represent various attributes on a pair of axes as in the examples below. In general, what is this sort of graph called? It is, perhaps, useful to think in these terms and we can ...
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Is there a study indicating a neurological reward for agreeing with group beliefs?

I know a study in 2011 showed activation on the ventromedial PFC (part of the reward system that lights up when we see something we want, like chocolate) when opinions of others were shown. I'm ...
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How did Shaver (1970) manipulate similarity in the defensive attribution study?

Shaver (1970) had two independent variables, severity of the accident outcome (severity) and similarity of the subjects to the transgressor. Severity was manipulated by giving subjects in different ...
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What are some explanations for the relationship between social and spatial mapping?

Background: A study published last summer in the journal Neuron found that when participants were tasked with finding a new home and job by interacting with characters in a virtual roleplaying game, ...
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Can someone who is never speaking of himself and present himself as very altruistic be egocentric / narcissistic?

I've tried to make some searches on egocentrism and its opposite (Allocentrism). The definitions from Wikipedia are: Egocentrism is the inability to differentiate between self and other. More ...
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