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This tag is for use with questions regarding any form.of sexual violence (i.e. rape, sexual assault).

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Techniques to combat sexism at school level

I am from India, and if you take a glance at the daily news you will see a lot of gruesome gangrapes and murders. Nirbhaya, Kathua rape case and the Hathras gangrape There are other such incidents ...
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Research on the psychopathology of rapists

Since not all sexual assaulters are psychopaths or sadists as the media often chalks them up to ,there is scope to at least mend the thinking of some of the rapists, or any which haven't yet given in ...
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Any good research on the comparative rates of CSA in different populations? (religious vs none religious, Mormon, catholic, etc)

I'm wondering if there is any good research on the rates of CSA in different populations.
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