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Questions tagged [sentiment-analysis]

For questions about sentiment analysis methods and techniques.

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What are the measures to determine Depression, Anxiety and Stress from 68-facial landmark data (CK+)?

i have been trying to find any kind of information or resource about this for coding in jupyter. I have already took out the landmarks using dlib python library of images and saved them in a csv. And ...
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The desire and expectation to see a situation escalate

Does this phenomenon have a name? When there is a diagreement or conflict or scandal, sometimes instead of wanting the issue to be solved and left behind I want it to escalate and expand. This can be ...
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How can we measure the levels of Frustration? [closed]

Any technique or Matrix or Questionnaires, Qualitative or Quantitative Analysis
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Plutchik's emotions from negative to positive

I'm trying to order Plutchik's emotions model from the most negative to the most positive. These are the emotions in alphabetical order: ...
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Difference between valence and sentiment

Can someone please clarify for me the difference between valence and sentiment? I am from a computer science background. In our literature they seem to be used in the same sense. Currently I am ...
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Why are the founding figures of major religious faiths credited with superhuman qualities?

The founding figures of various religions are usually believed to have superhuman qualities, such as omniscience, ability to predict the future, impeccable control over their own emotions, ...
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How successful are modern (2015) sentiment analysis algorithms for identifying emotion?

I see a number of questions about implementing text sentiment analysis algorithms on StackOverflow, and am interested - how effective are sentiment analysis algorithms at identifying the mood/emotion/...
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