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For questions about the psychologically-based processes that employers might use to help them choose new members for their staff.

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Reducing self-selection bias by controlling for motivation to fill in the survey

The self-selection bias refers to the overrepresentation of people willing to participate in research among studies' participants. The bias could be particularly relevant in surveys relevant to ...
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Paper discussing economic rationale of IQ-based hiring practices

TL;DR I'm looking for a paper that explicitly quantifies the ROI an employer would likely derive if personnel selection involved intelligence testing and only those +2 SD in cognitive ability were ...
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Does the meta-analytic literature overestimate the relationship between conscientiousness and job performance?

There are quite a few meta-analyses of the relationship between personality and job performance (for a review, see Barrick & Mount, 2012; and specific meta-analyses: Barrick & Mount, 1991; ...
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Can a multiple choice test reliably measure decision making speed?

Are there any studies showing that there is a direct connection (or a lack of a connection) between performance on a speeded, written, multiple choice test, and making quick decisions during a ...
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Is a safe driving record correlated with any psychometric test scores?

A few years ago I was interviewing for a position with a subdivision of a large company in New York City. One of the things that hit me as odd about this interview was that the recruiter was ...
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Reducing adverse impact, discrimination and unfairness when using psychological assessments for selection purposes

How can we reduce adverse impacts such as bias, discrimination, and unfairness when using cognitive ability tests and personality tests for selection purposes in an international context?
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What do within-subjects studies of job applicant personality test faking say about the covariance between developmental and job applicant scores?

Some studies of faking personality tests in selection and recruitment have used a within-subject design. These studies involve administering a personality test in two conditions. One condition is ...
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Bayesian models of faking in selection and recruitment settings

I'm doing some research looking at applying Bayesian models to faking personality tests in selection and recruitment. I'm interested to know: What existing work has applied Bayesian models to faking ...
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Does Facebook activity predict job performance?

I've seen a little bit of discussion in the media about Facebook being used in selection and recruitment settings. Assuming an employer can gain access to a person's Facebook profile, have any ...
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