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Questions tagged [sampling]

For questions regarding the proper selection of subjects for a scientific experiment or survey, accounting for both demographics and population size

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How to determine the sample size for a Confirmatory Factor Analysis CFA

I'm in the process of developing a scale. Overall, my question is how do I determine how many participants to include in my sample for the first Confirmatory Factor Analysis procedure? More ...
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What is the name of the tendency to portray oneself in the positive light?

I know it exists and it has a name... But my google-fu skills are lacking, due to a pretty niche concept that uses a lot of generic keywords. There is a fallacy / mental model / a tendency for people ...
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What to consider when subsampling

I have a dataset of 364 people in a control group population and about 450 in one comparison group sample and 150 in another comparison group population. We're doing a full analysis of these data. We'...
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Where can I find Data set for Machine Learning purposes?

I am currently doing a research in the attempt to detect onset sign of mental disorders through facial recognition. In order to do that, I would need training dataset which contains 1. Pictures 2. ...
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How can I argue the year range for a sample?

I’m writing a thesis about alexythimic levels based on emo-stroop test results. What could be a good age rate sample? What would be the reason to say I will exclude subjects younger and older than X? ...
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What happens at sampling rates lower or higher that the Nyquist rate?

I do understand that for a signal to be properly sampled, it has to be done on the Nyquist sampling rate. What I do not understand is, what happens at sampling rates lower rate than the Nyquist rate, ...
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Why so few subjects in psychophysics?

Why is it that most psychophysics experiments only use a handful of subjects (typically around five, but sometimes even four, three or two), whereas the "norm" for experimental psychology (assuming a ...
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Where to recruit paid participants for online Inquisit experiments?

My team and I are trying to use Inquisit for a reaction-time based experiment looking at attentional bias. However, with the no download policy on Mturk and CrowdFlower, we don't know a good site to ...
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Are there third party providers of Mechanical Turk psychology experiment services?

For various reasons it can be difficult to run a Mechanical Turk experiment (i.e., you don't have the technical expertise, you don't reside in the United States, etc.) Have any third-party providers ...
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Where to post online psychology studies for participant recruitment?

A common challenge when running psychological studies is getting enough participants. Of course, there are many general strategies for recruiting participants, but I was specifically interested in ...
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How is sample size determined in animal research?

In human research, we define our universe and estimate the effect size we expect to observe, then we can draw the a sample of a given size. How is sample size determined for experiments in the animal ...
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How to design research participant recruitment flyer to maximise participant response?

I often supervise student research projects. Often these projects involve recruiting participants by placing one page flyers in strategic locations. The most common scenario is that the flyer is ...
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