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For questions about this area, which strives to include enough information with a publication or make data publicly available for other scientists to be able to repeat the experiments in the interest of verification.

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41 votes
6 answers

Online data repository of research in the cognitive sciences

Sharing data is an important part of science (e.g., see APA discussion). It's also often useful to be able to have access to datasets when teaching students how to analyse data in the cognitive ...
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2 answers

Psychological journal that focuses on publishing interesting psychological datasets

There are a range of data repositories around. There are also journals that permit online attachments. That said, my general experience with such online attachments is that the data sharing is an ...
11 votes
1 answer

Are there any journal articles in psychology that have promoted and discussed reproducible data analysis?

I consider reproducible analysis to be really important. In particular, I'd like to see more researchers in psychology: sharing their data producing their journal articles using literate programming ...
7 votes
1 answer

Which Cognitive Sciences are the most affected by the Replication Crisis?

As many here are probably aware, a replication crisis seems to have been occurring in many scientific fields for some time now. Allegedly, Psychology is at the center of this crisis, with many of its ...
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Techniques to combat sexism at school level

I am from India, and if you take a glance at the daily news you will see a lot of gruesome gangrapes and murders. Nirbhaya, Kathua rape case and the Hathras gangrape There are other such incidents ...
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Resources for reliable psychology research

I'm looking for resources of reliable research in psychology. I mean 'reliable' in the following two senses: 1. Replicability It seems more and more of the famous effects that I, as a psychology-...
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