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For questions about statistical regression as it relates to the cognitive sciences.

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Am I interpreting the odd ratio incorrectly, or is the graph wrong?

I'm running an independent factoral regression analysis with a cateogrical outcome variable (in R). It's a 2x2 design with two potential outcomes - essentially 'yes' or 'no'. I also have a continuous ...
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Which Parameters should be reported in a multiple linear regression model in accordance with APA guidelines?

I have conducted a multiple linear regression analysis in R, standardising the values of the predictors prior to analysis. The R output:R default outputprovides information on the coefficient estimate,...
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ANOVA or Multiple Regression for Big 5 predicting criteria instead of SEM

I am working on a project where I am studying the relationship between personality and certain economic outcomes. Direct measures for the economics outcome is available, while for personality I am ...
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Generosity in the World Happiness Score

One factor in the World Happiness Score is generosity. I had trouble to understand what this actually means and how it enters into the score. These were my specific questions: Does "generosity&...
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Generating a factor score for additional data using R and factanal

Using this simple R code, I have performed a factor analysis on my dataset: factanal(df, factors = 6, scores = "regression", rotation = "varimax") I have now ...
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When to use standard versus moderator regression techniques for the most parsimonious approach?

I know how to run multiple regressions (SMR, HMR, and MMR) in SPSS but I'm still a little vague on when it's appropriate to use each of them to achieve the best and most parsimonious result. (SPSS ...
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Is there a guide on exactly how to report outputs (regression, anova, correspondence analysis) in APA?

I would like to report statistical findings after quantitative data analysis in APA format. Is there a guide on this? I've not been able to find any. I'm using SPSS but I'm sure it would be similar ...
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What is the name for the cognitive bias that ignores that extreme symptoms always tend to get less extreme?

There are some long term diseases where the severity of your symptoms tend towards a 'normal'. So imagine plotting out the severity of the symptoms say, every day or every week, then drawing a line of ...
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How should results from linear mixed models (LMMs) be reported?

Are there any official APA guidelines for reporting linear mixed model results? Can I take an approach similar to what would be done with an ANOVA (i.e., report the p-value, standard error and .95-CI ...
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