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For questions about the empirically measurable effects of racism, and the neural and psychological processes underlying racism.

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Any correlation between strong animal breed preferences and latent racism?

Here by "latent racism" I mean the tendency, subconscious or otherwise, to judge people according to their race, rather than their individual character. Basically, generalization of certain ...
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At what age a child would develop a sense of racism or a minority discrimination?

I wonder if what happened with my son(6yo) is a matter of concern or just a coincidence. I think I need to give a bit of background to help analyze what happened. We are an Arab family live in the UK,...
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What does White guilt feel like, how does it socially manifest itself & is it treatable?

White guilt would appear to be a genuine phenomenon which only White people can ever experience - and yet many people deny that it exists, at all, or that it is a form of phoney Liberalism or, worse, "...
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What could explain the apparent association between high IAT bias scores and percentage of black americans per state?

The implicit Association test (IAT) measures your subconcious preference for white over black or the other way around. It does so by letting you do a task where you have to categorize black and white ...
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Unconscious Racial and Gender Biases: The role of IAT

Recently the term unconscious bias, referring to race and sex, has increasingly appeared in the media. It appears that the support for these terms come from research conducted using the Implicit ...
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What are the effects of the "blue eyes/brown eyes" racism exercise?

In the "blue eyes/brown eyes" exercise created by Jane Elliott in the 1960s, she divided a group of schoolchildren by eye color and characterized one of them (e.g., the blue eyed group) as an inferior ...
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