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The subjective experience of sensory perceptions, including taste, sight, smell, hearing, and touch.

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What experiments have explored qualia by pursuing neural channels from their sensory inputs?

I was just thinking that it seems like the most immediately accessible way to try to observe in greater detail how the electrical flows across synaptic connections constitute qualitative experience ...
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What characterizes Grossberg's resonances?

Following Bryan Krause's advice I tried to be more specific and picked as one specific neural theory of consciousness Stephen Grossberg's Adaptive Resonance Theory in which a specific group of ...
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Does monism imply that computers can have consciousness?

According to The Basic Theory of the Mind, the mind is not a different entity from the brain, but an emergent property of the brain. Based on this assertion, can it be concluded that computers and ...
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How do we imagine? How do images have qualia?

After reading a bit about qualia and hard problem of consiousness, I came up to theoretical solution. The reason why we have this problem is because we can imagine. We can imagine an object visible to ...
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Is the phenomenom of “subjective consciousness” or “qualia” formally captured by any state-of-the-art Theoretical Model in Neuroscience?

Is the phenomenon of "subjective consciousness" or "qualia" formally captured or defined by any state-of-the-art Theoretical Model in Neuroscience? If so, can you share a brief summary of such ...
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How do patients with an amputated limb experience and report their phantom perceptions?

[I changed "sensations" to "perceptions", due to @AliceD's comments here.] Suppose a patient with an amputated limb experiences and reports some phantom perception at the limb: the limb just being ...
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Is spiritual enlightenment a valid way attempting to understand the universe and consciousness [closed]

Are traditional methods of spiritual enlightenment such as Zen, Buddist, etc accepted by psychologists as valid ways of further understanding the workings of consciousness, Or is it considered too ...
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How does the physical brain know about qualia?

Qualia are phenomenological (the subjective experience of the physical activity of the brain). But how does phenomenology feed back into the activity of the brain? That is, how can the physical ...
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How can machine possibly possess consciousness if computation is a human idea?

Suppose a computer simulates a human brain so that it passes the Turing test. Suppose that this brain is given sensory stimuli that correspond to an experience of being in an Earth-like world. From ...
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Why do our senses evoke different subjective experiences

I'm wondering why there are different subjective experiences when our sensor systems are technically the same neurons that just get excited by different stuff (photons, soundwaves, ...). So why does ...
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How are qualia localized in consciousness?

I understand that evolution incorporated arbitrary qualia into the default network to inform consciousness (the largest cranial global processing information subnetwork) about properties and qualities ...
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