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Questions tagged [publication]

For questions about peer reviewed publications, formatting and results reporting in the cognitive sciences.

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Question about risk of bias tools

I am currently conducting a systematic narrative review for publication and I need to settle on a risk of bias tool. It is a systematic review on mechanisms of change in psychotherapy and therefore I ...
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2 answers

List of psychological conditions, disorders and illnesses

I would be grateful to anyone who takes some time to answer. Is there any up-to-date list of all psychological conditions, disorders and illnesses, in the strict neuro-psychiatric scientific ...
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1 answer

Should I define each and every term while writing an article for a psychology journal?

I am writing a review article on dialectical behavioral therapy. If in the article, there are technical terms related to behavioral therapy, so, should I define each of the terms while writing the ...
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Which paper was it that defined addiction as a release?

I read somewhere that a psychologist in 1949 (or somewhere around that) described sexual addiction as a release. I don't remember the author's name nor the title of the paper. The gist of that ...
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3 votes
1 answer

List of research paper meta information sites

Note: So-called "big-list" questions are occasionally tolerated here; I'm hoping this one will pass muster. I'm looking to compile a list of existing post-publication meta-sites. These would be ...
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How to report a quasi-experiment in APA?

As one reads the psychology literature (e.g. social psychology), it seems to me, and I hope I'm not wrong, that such a discipline is highly dependent on quasi experiments (correct me if I'm wrong ...
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1 answer

DSM and references to ICD

I am still studying and where I extensively use the DSM whilst writing essays etc. for my coursework, a question has arisen with regard to referencing the International Statistical Classification of ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Convention for selection of summary slices in fMRI

Looking at papers, I often see an fMRI volume summarised by taking a single axial, sagittal and coronal slice (typically in MNI152 space). For an example see Figure 1 in de Bie et al, 2011 [1]. The ...
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1 vote
1 answer

What kind of journal 'The Journal of Neuroscience Methods' is? [closed]

I am looking for some journal that publishes neuroscience research with focus on computational and/or methodological aspects. The Journal of Neuroscience Methods appears on a Google search but it has ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How should I report results of a likelihood ratio test?

I'm using likelihood ratio testing to assess whether a behavioral model is a better description of my data than a simpler (so called restricted) model. How should results of such statistical tests be ...
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1 answer

What are the highest ranked neuroscience journals that use double-blind review process?

In terms of impact factor (for a lack of a better proxy), what are the highest ranked neuroscience journals that use double-blind review process? I would be submitting a paper that combines ...
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12 votes
3 answers

How should results from linear mixed models (LMMs) be reported?

Are there any official APA guidelines for reporting linear mixed model results? Can I take an approach similar to what would be done with an ANOVA (i.e., report the p-value, standard error and .95-CI ...
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