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For questions on the relationships between linguistic behaviour and psychological processes, including the process of language acquisition.

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How are answers on verbal IQ subtests evaluated?

I spoke to a clinical psychologist recently about how verbal subtests on IQ tests are evaluated. She said that answers regarding the meaning of a word were evaluated based on whether or not they were ...
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What is the status of Cognitive Load Theory?

I'm relatively new to cognitive psychology. I read Anderson's Cognitive Psychology and its implications and found it extraordinary, but then again, I'm only a beginner. I noticed that Anderson does ...
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Is cumulative self-paced reading a reliable measure in online experiments?

I am a Master's student in psycholinguistics and I am currently writing my thesis to explore the effects of the social context on language comprehension during reading. While I am aware that the ...
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What can be learned from a persistent typing or writing error that happens frequently? [closed]

There is a specific typing or writing error that I make frequently, and would like to know more about. Often when I'm typing or handwriting, I end one word with the ending of the next one, even when ...
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Automatic pseudo-randomization of stimuli in R

I was wondering if it's possible to automatically pseudo-randomize stimuli in R? If so, I would be very grateful for any help.
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Are people more likely to use words they've heard recently in conversation?

I have noticed before that if I use a somewhat uncommon word like "doubtlessly" in conversation, my conversation partner is more likely to say the word again later. Am I falling prey to a ...
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How many participants are needed for online reaction time studies?

I am a Master's student focusing on psycholinguistics and I am preparing for my thesis. What I will be looking at are register effects and for that I will be conducting 2 online experiments using Ibex ...
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When human interpret a sentence, does syntactic analysis take place before any semantic analysis?

When interpreting a sentence, does syntactic analysis take place before any semantic analysis?
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Appropriate age grouping for studying linguistic development

I am publishing a survey on a crowdsourcing platform to study how people of different ages perceive certain aspects of non-literal language. The platform allows me to target people with ages in ...
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Do animals have a critical period for language similar to humans?

I have wondered this question for awhile, and I thought it would be appropriate to ask on here. Particularly, is there any evidence showing that animals exposed to human language during their ...
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Is sign language handled differently by the brain than spoken laguage?

The human's ability to process language in the abstract is somewhat linked to our ability to both produce and understand sounds (see Broca's area), with that in mind, is Sign Language handled ...
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Does similar writing style tell us the writers are similar with respect to some measure/perspective?

Does similar writing style in small texts such as on Twitter or long texts such as articles/novels tell us anything about similarity between "thinking process" OR "personality" OR "writing ...
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how to statistically analyse accuracy data (psycholinguistics)

My experiment is a naming task, in which participants name pictures and their vocal responses are recorded and the onset of vocalization. The data I am dealing with are reaction times in ms and ...
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