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This tag is to be used when questioning the scientific validity or (pseudo)scientific status of a given theory. Where relevant, the theory tag such as [freud], [psychoanalysis] etc. should be used alongside this tag for complete coverage.

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Is functional Near Infrared spectroscopy supported by quality evidence?

I came across a reference to Functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) in a news article. According to Wikipedia, fNIRS is an ...
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How does religion and pseudoscience manage to convince people to do irrational things when plain scientific evidence fail? [duplicate]

EDIT: Had to edit my question for it to be re-opened. At this stage I do not care if it is re-opened but here is the edit: Stack exchange requires you to put your own research to your question or what ...
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Are there valid scientific bases for psychologist Taibi Kahler's Process Communication Model?

In a corporate training course on team work, I quickly realized that the whole course was based on Taibi Kahler's Process Communication Model. After a quick search, it seems to me that PCM is ...
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Is there any evidence that some people who claim to see auras around persons actually see them?

I have found that seeing "auras" is used for diagnosis of some neuropathologies. However, I wasn't able to find evidence that some people truly see what is colloqially known as auras. Is ...
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Has sharing non peer reviewed sources decreased or increased beliefs in pseudoscience?

I haven't found a detailed study of this, but here would be an example. If people shared a site that talked about the dangers of global warming, but wasn't peer reviewed, does this increase awareness, ...
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Evidence for this tapping therapy - EFT (Emotional freedom technique)

I just heard or maybe I saw a clip on tv about this tapping technique. Something about tapping various points of the body for psychological treatment. What is this EFT all about? Is there any solid ...
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Is Freudian Psychology a scientifically valid contribution to the Cognitive Sciences?

Freudian Psychology is based on the work of Sigmund Freud (1856-1939). He is the founder of Psychoanalysis and is credited with establishing the field of verbal psychotherapy. Freud is known for his ...