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Term for how one's self-image improves when something they associate with, like a sports team or politician, does well?

I'm trying to understand the phenomenon of how one's self-image, self-confidence, or personal regard goes up because something they affiliate themselves with "does well." For example, ...
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Meaning of "projection" and "to project" in neuroscience

What is the exact meaning of the term projection and the verb to project in neuroscience? I haven't found any neuroscience reference book or dictionary that gives a definition, although those terms ...
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What is it called when you imagine what other people would say or do in a certain situation?

For example, some Christians say that to know how to act, we just need to "imagine how Jesus would act in this situation." The same goes for people we know personally, as in: "What will my boss say ...
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Uncsoncious expectation of other people to be motivated by the same values as you

Is there a special term describing the situation when somebody automatically expects other people's behaviour to be motivated by the same values that motivate his own? For instance, out of my ...
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Word for person showing psychological projection

Is there any single word for a person who shows more psychological projection (the defence mechanism of attribution of your own undesireable qualities to someone else) than a normal person? And is ...
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Thesaurus for types of psychological projections

Thanks to Berne, there is an plethora of "games people play" between people based on pattern analysis of social interaction. Now, is there a comparable approach to analysis of psychological ...
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With psychological projection originating in psychoanalysis, is the concept currently considered valid?

In a recent accepted and highly up voted answer by one of our respected users, psychological projection as a defense mechanism was brought forward as the relevant terminology/explanation of what the ...
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