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For questions about the implicit form of long term memory which stores how to do an activity.

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What do psychologists call the ability to quickly revise and remember things that a person had previously learnt

I am someone very far away from psychology, actually an engineering student, but I came up with this curiosity a few days ago. To be specific, let's assume someone is learning physics. He previously ...
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Is practice more effective if spaced over time?

Example: Say Alice and Bob want to learn to pride a bike. Alice practices for an hour every day. Bob practices for 7 hours each saturday. They are both getting the same amount of practice. Which of ...
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How to detect which memory is being used when answering a yes or no question?

I am asking participants some questions on a form. I have to know which kind of memory they are using when answering these questions. I am having difficulty deciding this. Is there any special ...
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How does the human brain store motor skills for long term?

The way I understand it, memory goes through calcium influx induced LTP (Long Term potentiation) for short term storage. Long term storage requires protein synthesis. (#1). However, a meta-analysis (#...
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How is information stored in the brain

I believe information in computer is physically stored as a lattice of "boxes". Each box is either magnetized or de-magnetized. The computer reads this to retrieve and consolidate useful information. ...
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Is there a method to count objects without a pattern?

Is there a method in mnemonics to quickly find out the number of objects in, for example, a heap of tooth picks. There is this scene in the movie Rain Man, where the autistic protagonist can tell the ...
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What are the effects of alcohol on muscle memory?

Muscle memory (also referred to as "motor memories") is a form of procedural memory, which is a form of implicit memory. I'm particularly interested in trained tasks like throwing a dart, shooting a ...
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Is learning to do a task automatically an example of intuition?

I'm looking for some examples to understand what people call their intuition at work when making their decisions. For example: We learn to type and then after some time we begin to type by ...
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Running on autopilot

Sometimes, people say that they are "running on autopilot", meaning that they are doing the things that they normally do, without any real conscious involvement. I have read that it is not uncommon ...
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What type of learning mechanism produces a consistent typo?

There is a typographical error that I make and do so every time I try to type a certain word. Whenever I try to type remember, I type remeber. I do this every time. This is different to a regular typo ...
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