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An implicit memory effect in which exposure to one stimulus influences a response to a subsequent stimulus, without the person having awareness of it

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Does meditation have and effect on Priming?

I’m reading Think Fast And Slow and am learning about the priming effect. Has anyone studied how meditation affects this phenomenon? Are folks who meditate any less likely to respond to being primed?
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Are people more likely to use words they've heard recently in conversation?

I have noticed before that if I use a somewhat uncommon word like "doubtlessly" in conversation, my conversation partner is more likely to say the word again later. Am I falling prey to a ...
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What is the difference between "nudge theory" and "priming"?

I'm doing a minor in psychology and during my lesson in both psychological approaches and social psychology, this question popped into my head. For as far as I know nudge theory is about altering the ...
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How could you define this variable?

The procedure of one experiment includes the next sequence: The anagram is presented for several seconds; The "special word" is presented for 90 ms; The same anagram is presented again; The anagram ...
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Priming people with self-image/social-image concerns

I have a hypothesis that if you prime people with self-image or social-image concerns, they will behave less anti-socially and more prosocially. For example, they litter less, they discriminate less ...
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What's the relationship between priming and availability heuristic?

As I have understood, availability heuristic means that things that are "available" in one's cognition (one has thought recently) are prone to influence one's perception. Priming has been explained ...
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What is the difference between semantic activation to lexical processing?

I am reading the review paper: Levels of processing during non-conscious perception: a critical review of visual masking and have encountered the terms: semantic activation and lexical processing. ...
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An Overview of Priming in Psychology [closed]

I am looking for a comprehensive overview of priming literature in psychology and cognitive science. A survey article or a book would be a great start. More specifically, I am interested to learn ...
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Subliminal Persuasion: best chances of success

A lot of people are skeptic about the impact of subliminal messages. Good research and experiments on this topic are hard to find. Therefore, I want to execute an experiment on this topic. To do ...
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Could one use priming (from realistic images to drawings thereof) to help teach the conventions of line drawing?

Line drawing is a very stylised form of art. There are no lines in nature, and artists have to learn the conventions to be used when drawing in line. I am interested in whether one could help them ...
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Can you override priming?

Assume that you are using priming as a technique to improve your performance in a specific area. Ex: When I am sleepy in the morning I use more alert music to get my mind up to speed. If I want to ...
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Attributing change in DV to IV manipulation: between-groups (control group) vs mixed-model (pre&post measure)

One often sees researchers attributing a change in the dependent variable to their experimental manipulation, semingly without considering whether this change in DV occurs between or within groups. ...
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What is the relationship between top-down mechanism and priming the visual system in the following experiment?

I am currently conducting an experiment where a subject is shown a series of photographs of various objects. Each photo contains a single object. Before showing the photograph, a screen with a text ...
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