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For questions about characteristics that humans or animals find appealing on a sexual or aesthetic level.

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Does female attractiveness correlate with age progression?

I'm interested in Evolutionary Psychology and the male perception of female beauty. One of the ideas I'm trying to investigate is the correlation between female fertility and her attractiveness. A ...
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Testosterone in women vs. estrogen in men?

It is known that women with higher estrogen are more likely to find men with higher testosterone as more attractive. Positive feedback is also known. But are women with higher testosterone level are ...
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Separation of romantic and sexual attraction

Occasionally I meet people who say that they are sexually attracted to X group of people (e.g. men) and romantically attracted to Y group of people, X and Y not being the same (Sometimes they overlap, ...
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Is 'averageness' in the study of facial attraction ethnicity specific?

Is 'averageness' in the study of facial attraction ethnicity specific? I just always wondered whether the 'beauty' ideal of "averageness" is human wide, or is the average across some group or groups. ...
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Literature with regards to facial attractiveness?

I would like to ask for suggestions of literature regarding the study of facial features, preferably in a context of how they may be considered attractive or not. To clarify, the goal is to try and ...
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