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Questions relating to the enactment of tasks within society and how this reflects on our internal characteristics. Tests and other assessments can act as measures of performance.

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What is the relationship between practice and performance of telephone call centre workers?

I am interested in modelling the relationship between practice and performance both in laboratory tasks and field settings. I was interested in what existing research has examined how the performance ...
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Are unannounced tests unexpected by participants?

I was looking into whether unannounced (memory) tests were actually unexpected by participants, and if the benefits accredited to unannounced tests are well-founded. Considering that students are ...
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Are there positive/negative effects of new/repetitive music in work performance?

I work the weekend closing shifts at a local supermarket. There are many stores in the chain, and they all have the same soundtrack - consisting mostly of 70's music - which is played on repeat ...
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How does motivation relate to performance and to fun and to recognition?

Many studies indicate that for tasks that require cognitive skills and creative thinking, monetary reward does not work to improve performance. Rather, we should give people purpose, autonomy and ...
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Does winning the Fields medal decrease subsequent research achievement?

I just stumbled on this summary in Slate of a study by Borjas and Doran (2012, FULL TEXT PDF). To quote the summary: According to a new study by Harvard's George Borjas and Notre Dame's Kirk ...
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Interaction between caffeine intake and biorhythm on alertness

Throughout the day, people's wakefulness and attentiveness varies, as modulated by one's circadian biorhythm. Whereas in the morning people are less awake, just before noon and around 15:00 people ...
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Grit — is it distinct from correlates of success?

There's been quite a splash in the field of psychology around the concept of grit introduced around 2007 (Wikipedia article). For example, the associated TED talk has been viewed more than 10 million ...
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Are there studies that compare the accuracy of forecasters that are asked to state probabilities vs. forecasters that are asked to state odds?

The Good Judgement project asks it's forecasters to estimate the likelihood of events occurring by asking them for probabilities (20%, 60%...). Sport betting usually communicates the odds of an event (...
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Theory about use of concept maps?

My background is Computing Science and I want to research how people use concept maps? By doing some google search I found the following link What I want to ...
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Identifying Overly Complex Tasks

It seems to me that societies frequently construct systems that may be too complicated for any individual to operate competently within. For example, the tax system, the legal system, the medical ...
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Becoming an expert with accumulative hours of practice much less than the average expert?

Anders Ericsson's work is famous for creating the idea of "deliberate practice" and its creation of experts, but Anders also talks about how long hours are inevitable in becoming an expert. Let's ...
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Mental fatigue and recovery schedule

(Complete novice here) I am looking for some research or publications that would tackle the question of how much rest is required for good mental performance / productivity and is there a schedule ...
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Is there a basic mathematical relationship between IQ and learning speed?

Is there a basic mathematical relationship between IQ and learning speed? ... such as linear, exponential, etc? For example, if some number of people with an approximate IQ of 100 (95-105) take X ...
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How does social interaction affect the decrease in performance when multitasking?

A well known effect of multitasking is that if you have to switch to do another one, then your performance of both will decrease, in compared to the performance when you do them separately. FYI: ...
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