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For questions pertaining to pathologies. Pathology can be defined as the medical specialty concerned with the study of the nature and causes of diseases.

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Can alters in a D.I.D system talk to one another?

I see a lot of people claim that this is the case with dissociative identity disorder, but this claim makes me extremely skeptical. Is there any psychological reason to think that this is the case?
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Possible explanation for patterns of dementia progression?

(I'm asking this question as a lay-person with respect to neurobiology, so apologies if it lacks rigour.) Dementia progression is different for each individual, but it seems like there are some ...
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Is there a way that an infection could target a specific area of the brain?

My question is in regards to a fungal infection, but I am open to learning about viral or bacterial infections. That being said, is it possible that a fungus/virus/etc could target a specific area of ...
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Toulouse-Lautrec Syndrome

According to HealthLine, Toulouse-Lautrec Syndrome, known clinically as Pycnodysostosis (PYCD) can cause difficulty with mental processes, though intelligence is not usually affected GARD also list ...
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Term for a disposition to ramble on special interests in conversation?

Some people are notorious for "going off on extended tangents," meaning: in any conversation they are prone to expound at length on subjects of personal interest without regard for the interest of, or ...
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Stroke amelioration

Excessive sugar, like Pepsi, is considered harmful. However, I am wondering if it could be helpful if taken by a victim of stroke during or immediately after a stroke, or somewhat after a stroke? My ...
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Is there any disease that prevents a person from being angry?

Is there any disease that prevents a person from being angry? As a reference, the resection of the amygdala reduces feelings of fear. web links ABC news on damage to the amygdala reducing fear ...
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How to counteract the deterioration of speech in stutterers by targeting sympathetic arousal?

I am quoting a good overview from a Quora member about the reasons why people stutter when exposed to stress: ...The underlying physiological basis of why stress provokes stuttering has been ...
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Are there any variants of pathological lying?

Are there any variants of pathological lying? As far as I understand it, that means either lying for no discernable reason, or to your advantage but a lot. Are any other verbal behaviours themselves ...
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Does the split brain disprove a materialistic mind?

According to materialism, the conscious mind is the product of the brain. Thus, if the brain is split in half such that the two hemispheres cannot communicate with each other, then there are three ...
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How does oxygen deprivation affect neural activity?

It is increasingly common for someone to regain a heartbeat after a cardiac arrest. During the time that the person is without a heartbeat, and so without circulation, the brain is deprived of oxygen. ...
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