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Questions tagged [p300]

For questions about the P300 event-related potential.

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How to handle single trial ERP (P300)

I am learning to work with EEG data in young and elderly subjects. The goal is to find differences in P300 (amplitude & latency) between both age groups during learning. I analyzed the data based ...
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How to analyse EEG files recorded from Brain Products V-Amp (Brain Vision Recorder)?

I have 3 files recorded from Brain Vision Recorder. They are in the following formats: .eeg .amrk ...
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What are some good references for preprocessing and analysis of the P300 response from EEG data in Python?

I have just started to work on problems in neuroscience on my own. I sought to analyze the P300 response from EEG data because I was trying to understand a challenge that used it. I found ...
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How to integrate word prediction keyboard into P300-based BCI (brain computer interface) system?

See this question in User Experience. Farwell and Donchin (1988) described a P300 based BCI selecting letters by detecting P300 responding to the flashing letters. According to this system, only one ...
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