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Questions tagged [oxytocin]

For questions about the effect of oxytocin administration on, and oxytocin's associations with changes in behavioral and psychological functioning.

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Would administering oxytocin in games of deception improve performance?

As well as facilitating parturition, the hormone oxytocin is thought to mediate "prosocial behaviour" in mammals. It’s been a while since I have read the literature, but I am aware there is robust ...
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How is interbrain synchrony physically possible?

In this survey of studies about interbrain synchronization, the authors talk about subjective reports of 'self-other merging' (non-singular experiences of consciousness). The supposition is supported ...
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Interactions between oxytocin and prolactin after birth

Context I am currently working on a research about the relation between children's first years of life and the managment of emotional emptiness in maturity, e.g. smoking habits, eating disorders, ...
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Does oxytocin reduce brain activity?

In the book "Psychologie" by Richard J. Gerrig, Philip Zimbardo I read there are studies claiming that: "die gegenwärtige Forschung legt nahe, dass das Hormon eine facettenreiche Rolle ...
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What might explain a rush of euphoria before enduring physical pain?

What neurological or physiological response would work fast enough to anesthetize or provide a euphoric sensation during or in advance of a body trauma event such as being involved in a car or bike ...
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