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How does number sense develop in blind people?

From what I understand about number sense and numerical cognition, the visual system is heavily involved in the approximate number system and the object tracking system, which are at the root of ...
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Memorising phone numbers with symmetrical digit arrangement (e.g. 321 123)

I have noticed, by chance, but I would very easily remember a phone number, if it has some digits symmetry, e.g. "540 045" (and mind you, I have very hard time memorizing numbers in general). At the ...
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What is the optimal way to run the Piaget Conservation of Number Task?

I am hoping to run a standard Piaget conservation task to test the conservation of number. The task is as follows: Coins such as pennies are placed on a table. A certain number of coins are ...
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Is Approximate Number System used only for comparing magnitudes of groups of things, or does it also help in actual counting?

By ANS I am referring to this According to this reddit answer The human mind has two systems for representing numbers: a subitizing system for numbers up to four, and an approximate ratio ...
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