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Questions tagged [nlp]

For questions regarding natural language processing. Note that this tag should not be used for neurolinguistic programming questions.

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Using natural language processing for traffic monitoring from video

I am stuck trying to learn how to use video processing as explained in the linked papers in the area of human behavior detection or traffic surveillance (any kind of monitoring activity). In ...
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How to classify and understand emotions of people using chat and text messaging lingo and emoticons?

I am looking for scholarly, peer-reviewed articles that discuss natural language processing (NLP) involving chat or text messaging lingo/acronyms and the affect of chat participants based on language ...
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What skills are required to build simulations of the human brain? [closed]

I want to build a system that has the ability to gather data from the internet in order to build a cognitive model of the human brain. The model should be able to answer the questions required by a ...
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