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For questions regarding the use of knowledge of the physiological responses of different areas of the brain in order to advertise or market a product

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Is there any research on what elements are choosen on lists of X elements?

Let's say there is a list with 5 elements listed, with similar characteristics (I am taking as an example a marketing mail with product recommendations). Is there any way to know if there is a ...
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What's the psychological concept behind mobile game design and marketing?

I see a very common trend in how every mobile game is being designed and advertised on the market. The common features are (not limited to): Very cartoony graphics (big heads small bodies) ...
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Do children really show brand preference at age 2?

As I was reading a marketing textbook, I came across a paragraph that stated research has shown children as young as two can show brand preference (although I haven't yet searched for the source in ...
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Are perceptions of beauty and the ideal partner mostly determined by mass media?

Mass-media marketing seems to strongly influence people's beliefs. Are perceptions of beauty and the ideal partner mostly determined by what mass media proposes?
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Why is storytelling an effective way to transmit information between people?

Parables, fables, myths, whatever you might call them, stories have always been part of human consciousness. Within recent decades, storytelling is recognized as a big component of advertising and ...
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Is neurolinguistic programming effective in influencing sales processes?

In my country neurolinguistic programming (NLP) has become very popular in sales departments. Therefore, I wonder if there are any experiments which examine the contribution of NLP to the sales ...
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Why do prices ending in 99, e.g., 0.99, 199 or 1999.9 convince consumers to buy?

Why are people more likely to buy articles with a price of \$199, rather than the same (or let's say a slightly better) article for \$200? On which human brain centre is this advertising focused? Is ...
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Why prefer "99% fat free" to "1% fat"?

In my experience I tend to find low-fat products labelled as "99% fat free" much more often than the equivalent "1% fat".* Why is this so? To me it seems counter-intuitive, because it reminds me of ...
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