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Questions tagged [neurogenesis]

The process by which new neurons are generated and integrated into existing neural circuits in both developing and adult individuals.

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Why doesn't dendritogenesis continue on mature cortical neurons?

It is theorized that certain genetic disorders are caused by selection pressure for intelligence and overdominance, e.g. a recessive mutation may boost IQ in heterozygotes despite being deleterious in ...
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Hebbian theory and synaptogenesis - how to identify the subsequently actioned neuron?

Given Hebbian theory stating that two neuron cells wich fire subsequently tend to wire together, what is the underlying mechanism by which they do so? How does the cell identify the subsequently ...
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Study claims that human brain does not produce new brain cells?

Neurogenesis is one of the most fascinating subjects to discuss. However, it seems like scientific community has difference of opinion about whether neurogenesis is possible or not in adult humans. ...
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Why are empty spaces around hippocampus and striatum not filled with astrocytes?

I understand that, generally, when a neuron dies, the vacated, empty space will form a scar in the form of an astrocyte. Basically, the astrocyte thus replaces that neuron. Why then are there empty ...
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Neurogensis in CNS invloves apoptosis of scar cells?

Say there's neurogensis in a brain area that seems to "allow" it, like the Hipocampus, Striatum, and so forth. Does this neurogensis might be preceded in the apoptosis of scar cells, and then, in the ...
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Does exercise substantially affect bloodflow to brain

The benefits of exercise on the psyche are well documented, encompassing catharsis, endorphin release, mental health improvements and self esteem. There is also evidence that it increases cognitive ...
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How can we be formed by our childhood's environment if we don't remember much of it?

Studies with rats have shown that how much a pup is licked during their early childhood predicts their adult personality [1]. Also, many psychologists say that early childhood is the part of our lives ...
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What evidence is there that the adult brain can produce new neurons?

At school I was taught that the adult brain did not produce new neurons. That we had the maximum number of neurons and this would only diminish over time due to events, like head injuries, drinking ...
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30 votes
2 answers

How are newly created neurons recruited into existing networks?

As far as I understand, the basics of neurogenesis (abstracted down to the level that makes sense to a computer scientist) is as follows: Neural progenitor cells differentiate into new neurons that ...
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Neural networks with biologically plausible accounts of neurogenesis

One of the reasons artificial neural net algorithms like cascade correlation (pdf) have been generating interest is because they start with a minimal topology (just input and output unit) and recruit ...
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