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Does chronic THC consumption affect sweating or thermoregulation?

I am wondering how regular long term consumption of THC affects sweating and thermoregulation. I can't seem to find any papers studying the connection between CB1 activity and sweating / ...
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Is it possible to transmit various signal through single nerve fiber?

Imagine a lot of touching, temperature, pain spreading every where on the skin. if every sensory neural required isolated channel it might difficult to repair damaged neural because every neural must ...
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Why the concept of "nervous breakdown" has been discarded by psychologists?

Why the concept of "nervous breakdown" (in French crise de nerfs) has been discarded in the field of psychology (although some medicine and psychology researchers argue for its usefulness)? ...
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Besides the enteric nervous system are there other clusters of nerves that might also be called "brains"?

I have read that the enteric nervous system might be called a separate brain. I read further that there might be 3 or even 6 human nervous systems. Could any of these be considered a brain in the same ...
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Do spinal and peripheral nerves associate with hebbian learning?

For instance, if a musician frequently makes a series of actions, neurons that are involved in such sequence should also associate inside the spine - according to "neurons that fire together wire ...
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What psychological indicator activates the parasympathetic nervous system after fight/flight response?

I am new to neuroscience study and read recently about the brain's ability to balance parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system to achieve homeostasis following stressful stimuli. From my ...
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