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There is a seeming contradiction between interleaving and multitasking. One improves learning; the other hinders achievement. How to resolve this?

I have read in Barbara Oakley's texts and How Learning Works (Lovett et al.) that interleaving improves students' achievement. However, this seems to contradict the warning against multitasking that I'...
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Science proof for a claim of an author regarding concentration?

In his book Cal Newport, mentions: To make matters worse for depth, there’s increasing evidence that this shift toward the shallow is not a choice that can be easily reversed. Spend enough time in a ...
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How does social interaction affect the decrease in performance when multitasking?

A well known effect of multitasking is that if you have to switch to do another one, then your performance of both will decrease, in compared to the performance when you do them separately. FYI: ...
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Am I multitasking? [duplicate]

When copying notes, Quite often I start to daydream all the while copying the notes word for word. Is this multitasking ? I have been told that multitasking is not possible. And when copying notes my ...
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What is the name of inattention/autopilot phenomenon that results in 'swapping out' errors

Suppose I am doing the laundry while simultaneously taking out the trash, so am carrying a bag of dirty clothes in one hand and a bag of rubbish in the other. I might be on autopilot where I lift up ...
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How does self-observation influence performance?

Assuming that the performance in performing a motor or mental task can be quantitatively measured (e.g. by measuring its duration, efficiency, and quality of the outcome) I wonder if there have been ...
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Effectiveness of "non-focused" learning

Is anything known how effective is "non-focused" learning. For example when I am focused on something else (watching TV, doing work in the office) while listening to language learning material (words ...
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Research showing short-term memory interferes with motor planning

Has research shown that keeping information in short-term memory, like two words or two numbers, make planning and completing a physical task more difficult?
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Hard to think when hearing audible speech

I don't know what is the exact cause of this but when there is some song playing around me or someone is talking near me its harder for me to concentrate my thoughts or imagine something. However pure ...
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Are women better at multitasking?

I've observed multiple occasions where females are better at multitasking than males. It's not rare to see a lady driving a car, doing her make up and talking on the phone at the same time. Once I ...
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Progressed smoothly in a game while not paying attention

I was playing Flappy Bird trying to beat my highest score. While on one run (or fly, hehe) my friend got me engaged in a conversation. When the short conversation ended I found myself thinking about ...
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What effects does multitasking have on comprehension and memory of audiobooks/speech?

I've heard around that our comprehension of audiobooks versus read books is roughly on the same level (the processes aren't really all that different, usually when we read we vocalize the words in our ...
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Could bi-tasking be productive in humans? [closed]

Introduction: Based on an article on brain laterization, it's said that a lateralized brain can do two tasks simultaneously. Lateralized chicks could pick food out of the pebbles with one eye and one ...
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