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For questions regarding diffuse feeling states that are not directed at a specific object, person, or situation. Mood is sometimes used to describe relatively long-lasting emotions.

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Why do some days feel fast and others feel slow?

As per the title, why is it some days it just feels like a day can go so fast, yet other days can feel slow? Every day has the same amount of hours, minutes and seconds after all. What is the actual ...
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Can adhd and ocd coexist? Is it in the same way mania and depression can coexist (in bipolar disorder)?

Is it really possible for someone to have both ADHD and OCD? I was thinking that ADHD is the opposite of OCD: 1 2 from 1: alexThePotato: With ADHD you may be forgetful, distracted, make careless ...
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8 votes
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Sleep deprivation and task performance

Case: In case of an adult, the average adult sleep time required is 7.5 to 8 hours. Suppose the person (aged between 23-29) has slept only 6 hours, or less than the average time (7.5 to 8 hours). ...
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Why does weather often affect mood?

There are plenty of people who feel sad, sometimes even depressed when it rains or storms. This effect is often featured in writing and song, where the weather is often a sign of something sinister ("...
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