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Questions tagged [mirror-neurons]

For questions about mirror neurons, and their theoretical and empirical effects on behavior and thought.

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How is interbrain synchrony physically possible?

In this survey of studies about interbrain synchronization, the authors talk about subjective reports of 'self-other merging' (non-singular experiences of consciousness). The supposition is supported ...
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Do mirror neurons fire during visualization?

It is known that mirror neurons fire when watching another person performing the same activity. But do they also fire when visualizing oneself performing an activity (visualizing performing the ...
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Could the Mirror Test results simply be a product of "itching" caused by mirror neurons?

Most of the critiques of the Mirror Self-Recognition (MSR) test are aimed at false negatives - animals might still be self aware even if they do not pass the test for a wide number of reasons. However,...
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Why do some people have better memories than others?

Some people have great memories. Some people have horrible memories. There are even people with hyperthymesia who remember everything. I was told that anybody can have a good memory if they practice ...
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Electrical Shock to Brain as Form of Treatment

I would like to know what is the theory behind the electrical shock to brain to treat patients suffering from delusions? I am aware that thoughts are mere electrical excitation of neurons, so is the ...
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