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Effect of philosophy on mental health

Philosophy involves trying to understand the world around us, and our thoughts, and ideas in general rigorously. This would lead to a lot of thinking about our ideas and feelings. This feels similar ...
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What was meditation's part in psychology before third wave therapies?

I'm studying the history of meditation and/or mindfulness in psychology and am falling to find authors and resources speaking about it before its recent raise in popularity in western culture. Was ...
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Is living with constant mindfulness necessarily good? or does it limit one's potential? [closed]

Isn't mindfulness is difficult for a thinker which usually philosophers are? Mindfulness by definition is bringing awareness to present moment non judgmentally and I agree it may relax you. I believe ...
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what is the difference between mindfulness meditations and focusing on other things?

For example: While I'm studying(or doing anything in my life), my brain wanders around(daydreams, stresses, remembers unpleasant memories and thinks negatively about the future) so I notice that and ...
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how do Transcendental Meditation and mindfulness differ in terms of dealing with individual's anxiety?

I want to know how these two forms of approaches differ in terms of guiding a person's anxiety and helping them heal. there has been no research done using these two forms of meditation together on ...
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Is there a mindfulness meditation technique that tends to produce gamma rhythms in the brain (and not just the alpha frequencies that are typical)?

This is a follow up to a paper (^) that was cited in a response to one of my past questions here. It was found that experienced Buddhist monks generate a substantial increase in gamma waves on demand ...
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Does mindfulness meditation work for highly inattentive individuals?

Mindfulness practice requires extensive concentration for a prolonged period of time (e.g., attending to breath/body sensation for above 5 minutes). It is reasonable to assume that it might be ...
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Dutch RCT of mindfulness therapy vs methylphenidate in ADHD

Meppelink et al. (2016) note that The effectiveness of mindfulness training for children and adolescents with ADHD has been demonstrated by a number of studies; however, research in this ...
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