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Can one go mad from the revelation in the real life

There are tropes commonly used in cosmic horror works that boil down to the following idea. A human mind when faced with something utterly incomprehensible may break into insanity and never get back ...
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How mental illness episode are taken into account in personality psychology?

Issue: Personality psychology investigates personality: its components, how it relates to life outcomes (job performance, income, longetivity, etc.), and also how personality evolves during life (the ...
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What are the effects of an overexposure to solitary confinement?

Solitary confinement has been shown to be bad for mental health. I was wondering if really long solitary confinement, like this one are different to normal solitary confinement. In terms of effects ...
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Is there a national/international coming out day for people with mental health issues?

I know there's a general mental health day on October 10th and a Coming out as LGBTQ+ day on October 11th (odd that they're right next to each other), but I've never heard about a day dedicated to ...
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Is High IQ equivalently a disorder like Low IQ

I was reading on the increased likelihood of mental disorders with high IQ. Bad News for the Highly Intelligent. I'm not sure I buy into the arguments completely but it does make me think that High ...
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Can someone get mentally retarded suddenly?

Can someone, after having anger to a large level or anxiety to a large level, develop mental retardation? In simple words, can someone being normal and mental sound, become mentally retarded in just a ...
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Mental/psychiatric illnesses/disorders: natural or social kinds? [closed]

What is the stance (i.e., that which is most prevalent across the psych "community" —both research and applied) on whether mental illnesses are inventions, discoveries, or some combination ...
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Is there a mental illness that almost completely stops you from thinking?

I know the title seems insane, and this is most likely impossible, but is there a mental illness that almost stops a person from thinking? By thinking I mean the "talking in your head" thing....
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Is There A Name For Total Personality Disorder(A+B+C)? [closed]

I've been researching what sort of mental illness I am contending with because years of working with doctors has been a practice of throwing darts in the dark and missing every target. Various ...
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Differences between mental health and emotion health

I have zero background in psychology and healthcare. Recently I started to read health topics online by googling. I supposed one's health can be broadly categorised into genetic, physical, mental, ...
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What recreational drugs have especially negative interactions with bipolar disorder?

I'm trying to find out which recreational drugs have the biggest negative interactions with BD (bipolar disorder types I and II) but haven't been able to find strong research. I especially ...
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Regarding a mental disorder of finding pleasure and lose attraction

Say, a man is trying to find pleasure in doing something. he assumes he can have pleasure with playing, but just a while after start playing he feels definitely it can give him some pleasure. At that ...
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why we failed to convince our own mind by reasoning and rational arguments over mental illness like depression, anxiety, phobia?

For example, one of my friend has fear of heights, even if there is a strong glass window and no reason for him to fall off. He is even aware and admits his fear is irrational. Many may say it’s in ...
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Where to find patient responses on Rorschach's Inkblot test?

I am looking to find data that has patient's responses to Rorschach's inblots as well and their associated diagnosis ( Mainly looking into patients that have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, ...
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What is the difference between personality disorder and other types of mental illness?

From Personality disorders - Mayo Clinic: A personality disorder is a type of mental disorder in which you have a rigid and unhealthy pattern of thinking, functioning and behaving. A person with a ...
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