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How do defenders of the paradox of choice explain people voluntarily playing strategy games?

There has been a recent attempt in behavioral economics/psychology to modify the neoclassical economic assumption that decision makers' utility depends on only the content of outcomes with ...
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How does understanding happen [closed]

What is the psychological basis of understanding a subject? I have observed cases where a person in anxiety reads a chapter of a book and doesn't grasp anything after 1 hour.The same person was given ...
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Which features of concept mapping are more helpful than outlining, or vice versa? and why?

Please let us know any studies that compare features of concept mapping with outlining. Many studies have reported both outlining and concept mapping helpful for learning and assessment, but they ...
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Why should nodes be small in a concept map?

Cañas, A. J., Novak, J. D., & Reiska, P. (2015). How good is my concept map? Am I a good Cmapper?. Knowledge Management & E-Learning: An International Journal, 7(1), 6-19. This paper was ...
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