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For questions about the roles that heads of organizations play as they motivate and develop their followers

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I'm looking for research institutions focusing on coaching

Please tell me about universities and research institutes conducting research on coaching. Ideally, I'm looking for places that have researchers, publish papers, and engage in academic activities like ...
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Shipbuilding experiment about leader selection

I heard about an international research that was conducted more than 25 years ago. The following was the experiment: 25 teams, eight members per team, each team member with the same nationality had ...
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What are the common leadership styles in IT companies?

I am writing a research paper on leadership styles in IT companies in X country. However, I cannot find a western literature on generalization of leadership styles exercised in IT companies, such as ...
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Approaches to life coaching

I work on a theological reflection of coaching. I would like to list some basic directions/approaches/ways/schools that differ each other. My attempt: Neuroscience based coaching Systemic coaching ...
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How does the personality of a successful leader influence the development of his children?

Successful leadership appears to depend on the personality of the leader. Judge et al. (2002) found the following correlations with the "big five" personality factors in a meta-analysis: ...
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What is the term for human beings' tendency to obey without thinking?

I'm wanting to read more about a certain human behavior, but I am not sure what the proper term for it is, so some of the things I am finding aren't what I am looking for. I'm interested in how Humans ...
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What psychological or sociological concepts form the basis of Principled Negotiation?

Although the various forwards mention that organizational behavior and social psychology are two of the fields that form the basis for the techniques taught at Harvard Law School's Negotiation and ...
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Accuracy of social judgements of observers watching business meetings

I'm very interested in how people size one another up in social situations and in particular what we key in on when we are making these judgements. Let's make an imaginary experiment. I make ...
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What are the benefits of transformational over transactional leadership?

Transformational leadership is sometimes recommended as a way of motivating and inspiring followers in contrast to more transactional styles of leadership. There is a large pop-psych literature on ...
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