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Questions tagged [intuition]

For questions regarding the acquisition of knowledge through means other than reasoning.

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Is there any study of people’s intuitive ability to accurately make judgments about other people immediately?

I would like to know about topics related to micro-expressions but far broader: how is it that you sometimes feel you can immediately know that a person is for example kind or worth asking a certain ...
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Why do people often perceive the value of a good to be associated with the effort put into making it?

Karl Marx's "labor theory of value" states that the value of a good depends on the amount of human labor put into it. While this is a defunct theory and incompatible with modern economics, ...
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Why do I often feel that someone's eyes are at me from a far off distance?

Often when I'm in a public place, I get the intuition that someone is looking at me even when I don't turn or look in that direction or move my eyes. I just have a strong feeling in my heart that ...
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Emotion based reasoning experiments

Do experiments exist that show that reasoning is [or isn't] highly biased by emotions? I'm looking for experiments showing that people perceive a situation differently depending on how they feel ...
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System 1 and 2 thinking and unconcious

Research says there is system 1 and 2 thinking. My question is how is system and and 2 thinking related to unconcious mind? Can we say for example system 1 thinking is unconcious mind?
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How do Terence Tao's "three stages of rigorousness" relate to cognitive science? [closed]

This is an excerpt from There’s more to mathematics than rigour and proofs of Terrence Tao: The “pre-rigorous” stage, in which mathematics is taught in an informal, intuitive manner, based on ...
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A mind experiment about probability [closed]

Consider a mind experiment: you are stuck inside a trapped room. There are only two ways for you to go out and you have to choose one. Would you rather go through four traps each with 20% chance of ...
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What is the difference between emotions, intuition and affect?

From what I know, intuition is affect-based. But how do they differ?
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Can animals think intuitively? [closed]

We agree that human beings have intuition - "the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning." And the level of intuition varies from people to people. Can ...
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2 answers

How else can we eliminate wrong underlying beliefs, when even science fails?

Source: Why Do Many Reasonable People Doubt Science?, 2015 March, by Joel Achenbach [Andrew] Shtulman [of Occidental College] ’s research indicates that as we become scientifically literate, we ...
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Is 'intuition' related to 'extrasensory perception'?

I come from a computer science background and am a big time AI enthusiast. I am trying to think about how can we map 'intuition' to a process in artificial intelligence. As I understand, 'intuition' ...
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How does cognitive science explain the origins of intuition and intelligence, that accurately describes the laws of nature?

What is the origin of non-incremental, revolutionary intuition and intelligence? For example, a human mind like Albert Einstein's can "come up" with revolutionary ideas and theories that correctly ...
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Is the ability to discern between living and non-living things learnt or innate?

This question What optical features do we use to distinguish “life” from “non-life”? on Philosophy SE prompted me to write this question. The question poses, do we recognise a living thing, from ...
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12 votes
2 answers

What decision problems are better answered with analytic thinking, and what are better answered with intuition?

Most Western philosophy and psychology argue that deliberating carefully and rationally is the right way of reaching a decision. "Don't let emotions turn you" they might say. The splitting of the mind ...
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Difference between Instinct and Intuition

Sometimes I've heard people using the term gut feeling rather than their 'intuition or instinct' and I'm not sure which one do they mean. So, can both the terms be used interchangeably and simply ...
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Is learning to do a task automatically an example of intuition?

I'm looking for some examples to understand what people call their intuition at work when making their decisions. For example: We learn to type and then after some time we begin to type by ...
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