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Questions tagged [internet]

For questions regarding behaviors of internet users, use of the internet for psychology experiments, or accessing cognitive sciences resources via the web.

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What is the effect of displayed online personal identifiers on online communication?

Online interaction provides an interesting avenue for experiment and experience. People are able to hide or fabricate their personal details including age, sex, and appearance. For the purposes of ...
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Effects of Social Networking websites on Humans?

What are the effects of social networking websites in the evolution of humans (behavioral, intellectual, etc.)? Have their been any studies (published research, articles) on positive or negative ...
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How to crowdsource behaviour across > 100.000 humans while each human only solves a very short task (< 10 sec)

I'd like to carry out a behavioural experiment that involves humans classifying a very simple image into one of two classes and there is no right or wrong answer. For the question of the study it is ...
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Where to recruit paid participants for online Inquisit experiments?

My team and I are trying to use Inquisit for a reaction-time based experiment looking at attentional bias. However, with the no download policy on Mturk and CrowdFlower, we don't know a good site to ...
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