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2 votes
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If hippocampus grid cells A,B,C encode a location, then do grid cells A,B,D (similar pattern) encode a nearby location to the first?

I don't completely understand the advantage of having grid cells as a navigation aid. I know they are called the 'GPS' of the brain. I also read that they can encode locations in a large space, and ...
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2 votes
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Which sleep stage(s) account(s) for synaptic consolidation the most?

I learnt that long-term consolidation of memories happens vastly while we are asleep, and it is accompanied by synaptic changes. But exactly which stage(s) of our sleep account for the synaptic ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Is the hippocampus subcortical?

There is a little debate going on in my lab about whether or not the hippocampus is a subcortical structure. There are points made on both sides, and primary and secondary sources do not seem to form ...
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How is the memory compressed when moving from the hippocampus to the PFC?

I have recently been intrigued by memory. I found that the hippocampus stores new memories. In sleep, the newly formed memories are moved to the neocortex. I was curious about how this transition ...
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Is the hippocampus responsible for storing or creating memories?

I've heard that severe damage to the hippocampus results in the inability to form new memories but still remember old ones. Am I mistaking something? Is the hippocampus responsible for storing ...
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5 votes
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Why are empty spaces around hippocampus and striatum not filled with astrocytes?

I understand that, generally, when a neuron dies, the vacated, empty space will form a scar in the form of an astrocyte. Basically, the astrocyte thus replaces that neuron. Why then are there empty ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Fear Conditioning and Hippocampal Remapping

Have there been any studies that explore how much generalization across contexts occurs with fear conditioning? The "context" that the animal thinks it is in can be observed through the "map" that ...
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