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Questions tagged [goals]

For questions about achieving an endpoint in a task, whether the evaluation of said task is formal or informal

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High goal setting and bipolar disorder (BD): How someone diagnosed with BD can mitigate the risk of setting unrealistic goals?

I read the article Identify in bipolar disorder: self-worth and achievement; This paper opened my eyes about how people diagnosed with BD can set unrealistic or very hard to achieve goals. If the ...
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We should not publicly say our goals to everyone. But how far it can be actually applied?

In context of the research* (reference) by Gollwitzer, that was of When intentions go public, which states that: saying your goal publicly will reduce our efforts to do it, I want to ask the meaning ...
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What are extrinsic motives?

In a chapter on motivation in the book "Pädagogische Psychologie", I read that Schaffner and Schiefele say: Allerdings werden Zielorientierungen als kognitiv repräsentierte und bewusste Merkmale ...
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Is there a difference in time based goals and achievement goals?

Suppose I want to practice my calculus. Has a study been conducted which shows a difference between setting a goal like: 'I will study calculus for one hour' and 'I will study chapter 3 from my ...
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Research on improving long term focus [closed]

I have seen a lot of research on concentration or focus in the short term. But what about concentration and focus in the long term? For example, if I set a goal to write a novel over the course of 4 ...
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Are you more successful if you publicly commit to pursuing a difficult goal?

If you have an ambitious goal, does it help to publicly commit to that goal? For example, if someone is training for a long distance triathlon but doesn't know whether he/she will be able to pull it ...
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Does dopamine signal become stronger when goal distance is defined using time?

Howe et al (2013) found that a dopamine signal becomes stronger as a goal is approached. The experiment involved rats running in a maze. If the rats were close to solving the maze, the dopamine signal ...
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Are there already models for planning and goal-directed behaviour?

I'm interested in planning and how one is able to take action and plan ahead at the same time. I could imagine one could make observations and project these into the future using past experiences. The ...
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What is the correlation between self and other ratings of goal orientation?

In educational psychology goal orientation is a popular construct. In particular popular dimensions of goal orientation include performance-approach, performance-avoidance, and mastery. The studies ...
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