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Theory of how the mind processes and organizes perceptual information as a whole, rather than as individual components

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What is meant by "swallowing of a stereotype"?

In Gestalt Therapy, when describing an adjustment in the field of psychotherpay, the authors write, Unfortunately, the “adjustment” of much psychotherapy, the “conforming to the reality-principle,” ...
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How can humans tell when something diverges from the norm

With this I mean the notion of humans being able to, for example, look at a painting and tell that something doesn't belong in there. For example sun glasses on the Mona Lisa, without prior knowledge ...
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What are the main differences between gestalt therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy?

Can someone explain the main differences in an easy to understand way between gestalt therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy? Which is better suitable in which situations? I read some articles ...
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Due to Gestalt Psychology, is the face an illusion?

Gestalt Psychology maintains that we perceive a whole from parts, and that we fill in missing gaps. The "whole" we perceive is more than the sum of parts we perceive - it also involves what our minds ...
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Is prior experience necessary to perceive the Kanizsa triangle illusion?

We know the Kanizsa Triangle. Kanizsa Triangle I was socialized in a "western" world, where I learned mathematics for about 13 years; I have designed products surrounding me using geometric forms ...
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is Lewin's field theory still used in modern psychology? If yes, what are its applications?

I recently stumbled upon Kurt Lewin's field theory. However, not being very familiar with gestalt psychology, I could not assess whether Lewin's theoretical framework is still used today and if yes, ...
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Categorization of Lewin's Work

I'm trying to categorize Kurt Lewin's work, specifically his force field model and his three-step model of change. From what I read, he was strongly influenced by the Gestaltists and he's considered ...
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Closure, an actual psychology term relating to filling in information?

I'm currently reading a book called "Understand Comics" and a term has come up called closure. I've understood this concept before and the book describes closure as the process the brain goes through ...
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Why do we prefer visually aligned objects?

We all know visual alignment is one of the foundations of design. Everything must be aligned with everything else. We also know that when things are aligned it is easier to process information. My ...
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