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Questions tagged [game-theory]

For questions about mathematical models or psychology of conflict and cooperation between multiple decision-makers. If your question is specifically about rationality, consider that tag instead.

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Term for expectation of early defection in a collusion situation?

My background is in economics, so my apologies if my description here is unclear. In a paper, Dong (2019) mentions that: On the other hand, the anticipated costs of collusion could decrease if firms ...
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Clarifying the example of large firms tilt to cooperate after shocks of competition in game theory?

I am reading the example of large firms' operation when finking option is given here. A "large" player who suffers disproportionately more from complete finking may act cooperatively even ...
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3 answers

Is there a term for simulated irrationality?

When 2 rational people want to accomplish their goals, they'll get compromise by meeting their goals halfway. But if one of them seems irrational, his opponent will go much farther in his concessions ...
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Correct term for realistic user behaviour and decision making

Describing the limitations of my study surrounding the modeling of domestic hot water storage tanks, I want to find a precise term to describe realistic user behavior, which was disregarded in my ...
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What is the most robust method for peer grading?

I intend to provide a group task for 30 people, split into 5 or 6 groups. Ultimately, I want them to assess which group delivered the best result (after presenting results in front of other groups) ...
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3 answers

What causes people to betray each other when facing the prisoner's dilemma?

When confronted with the Prisoner's Dilemma, people often refuse to cooperate. Instead, they choose to betray other people, even when cooperation yields a more favorable outcome. Why do people ...
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Examples of behavioural breakdowns in game theory?

I am cross-posting this question with Economics StackExchange because I originally posted it on the Mathematics StackExchange but didn't receive much helpful answers there. I'm trying to compile ...
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Is there a game-theoretic explanation for why people do (or don't) participate in community policing/moderation?

My question is closely related to this Meta post about what drives individual participation in "community policing" on Stack Exchange sites (e.g. downvoting, voting to close, participating in review ...
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How to convince subjects that the computer is playing fairly

We are planning an experiment using the odds-and-evens game. The rules of the game are simple: player A selects either "1" or "2"; player B selects simultaneously either "1" or "2"; if both select the ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Social loafing vs. Free riding

In different papers I see these terms with very close definitions. Are they different things? If yes, how one can differentiate them?
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What's the optimal way to space out rewards in order to maximise motivation?

I'm working on an educational product, and we're thinking of introducing some gamified aspects to motivate students to use the product. One of these will be the concept of 'levels' - when a student ...
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Optimal way to choose a number to be close to a randomly generated number [closed]

The basis game: A number between 1 and 100 (presumably an integer) is randomly generated. You, along with other people, choose a number between 1 and 100, without knowledge of the other numbers chosen....
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What drives users to play Reddit's "The Button" game?

There's this amazing social experiment going on Reddit - the Button as of April 1 2015. Here's an example of a website that tracks statistics of the experiment: Reddit ...
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Stiffing the tip as groups get larger ... like the prisoner's dilemma but ...?

Is there a game theory analysis or other research or modeling describing the commonly perceived phenomenon whereby the amount by which people underpay a gratuity seems to be proportional to the number ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Is decision making/theory/analysis applicable to game design?

I've done research over the last year in game design by reading some of the most well-known books in the field. Making interesting decisions is one of the fundamental elements of fun in games. I'm ...
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19 votes
1 answer

Human behaviour in one-shot perfect information games

Background A one-shot game is one where two participants have some set of actions $\{1, ... , n\}$, they make their decision on which option to take (without knowing the decision of their partner, or ...
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12 votes
1 answer

How do cooperative vs. competitive activities impact the learning patterns of an individual?

To what extent does cooperative versus competitive learning influence personality development or even pathological behaviors? If these activities need to be narrowed down to a specific category, I'm ...
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Evolutionary game theory in the cognitive sciences

Game theory models something very relevant to psychologists (in particular social psychologists): conflict and cooperation between decision-makers. Unfortunately, classical game theory demands that ...
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14 votes
2 answers

Game-theory strategies to overcome holdout problem?

The hold-out problem often occurs in debt-restructuring or in urban development. The hold-out problem is defined where an agent, for example a land developer, must negotiate with many lot owners and ...
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11 votes
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What are the key algorithms for learning optimal behavior of economic agents?

I'm playing around with social learning of near-optimal behavioral rules on a set of agents. The idea is roughly that given an income process (or technology process, depending on the question) an ...
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