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Questions tagged [frontal-lobes]

The lobes at the foremost part of the brain. Associated with reasoning. Concerned with conscious processes; including the inhibition of processes arising from the subconscious.

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4 votes
1 answer

Does consumption of amino acid supplements improve human executive function and self-regulation in ADHD cases?

Based on my understanding, executive function primarily takes place in the frontal lobes. Inzlicht and Gutsell found that exhaustion in mental tasks shows itself in decreased activity in the anterior ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Significance of 4 stimulus cards in the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test?

I've reviewed the papers by Grant, D. A., & Berg, E. (1948) and Fey, E. T. (1951). These papers from what I was able to find, lay out the basis of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST). There ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Are the lobes of the brain anatomically distinct, or is the distinction between them not as well-defined?

If I had a brain in front of me, would I be able to find some kind of crevasse or something separately each lobe from the next? I guess what I'm asking is, are lobes more arbitrarily-defined regions ...
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4 votes
1 answer

What happens to a person's frontal lobes when they have a breakdown from stress?

When a person gets really stressed out and has a mental breakdown what happens to their frontal lobes? I'm reminded of the clip from "What about Bob?" when Richard Dreyfuss has a breakdown when he ...
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