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Questions tagged [episodic-memory]

For questions about the storage and retrieval of experienced events.

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Is there any research on episodic-like memory in reptiles?

I've been studying the area of episodic-like memory in non-human animals and reptiles seems to be really underrepresented (or not represented at all). Is there any research that I am missing? Anything ...
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Is aphantasia an inability to record memories, or an inability to recall memories?

People with aphantasia are unable to voluntarily create or recall mental images. This can extend to non-visual memory too (e.g. remembering that they heard a loud bang, but not remembering the sound ...
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Episodic-memory amnesia preserving fear conditioning

Are there any experiments in humans where despite episodic-memory amnesia they still preserve (associative) fear conditioning developed during the episode/event that is lost from episodic memory? I'm ...
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3 votes
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How to detect which memory is being used when answering a yes or no question?

I am asking participants some questions on a form. I have to know which kind of memory they are using when answering these questions. I am having difficulty deciding this. Is there any special ...
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How good (or bad) is everyday event memory? [closed]

Can anyone recommend studies about how good (or bad) everyday memory is for events? How much of what happens today will I be able to remember next week? In a month or a year? This was deliberately ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Episodic Memory Decoding

I'm planning a study on memorability of episodic events. Therefore, participants record a couple of hours of their daily life using an egocentric camera (encoding). After a certain time, they are ...
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1 answer

Low crystalized intelligence- failure to transfer skill from Hippocampus to cortex?

We know that when we process some information or solve some problem, we need to pull information from long term memory to working memory. There are few factors known to me that can cause a failure ...
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Current estimates of the capacity of hippocampal episodic memory?

Let me preface this by saying I'm as skeptical as anyone about equating neural structures with traditional computing hardware (e.g. 'how many MBs is long term memory?'), but episodic memories seems ...
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Interpretation of facts in dream [duplicate]

We learn facts in life from books or from experience, and we remember them. If later we ascertain a new fact about the same subject or phenomenon that contradicts the first impression, we can't erase ...
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15 votes
3 answers

Is remembering a list of words an example of semantic or episodic memory?

I'm having a hard time making a clear distinction between semantic and episodic memory. When presented with idealized examples, I find the breakdown clear; describing a trip to Paris is an example of ...
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