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Why do views make you happy?

Why does having a nice view from your window make you happy? (As in people ask for a hotel room with a nice view). Could this be replicated by simply having a large TV screen showing a view? What ...
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Link between reading news and deteriorating mental health?

Given the prevalence of negativity and sensationalism in the news, I suspect individuals are also varyingly susceptible to (worsening) mental health issues arising from prolonged exposure. Perhaps as ...
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Are there positive/negative effects of new/repetitive music in work performance?

I work the weekend closing shifts at a local supermarket. There are many stores in the chain, and they all have the same soundtrack - consisting mostly of 70's music - which is played on repeat ...
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Is anger and defensiveness to criticism innate or acquired?

Criticism is defined, according to the dictionary, as The expression of disapproval of someone or something on the basis of perceived faults or mistakes. In general, there can be two ...
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Role play in laboratory experiments - literature hints?

I want to conduct a laboratory experiment with a cohort of students to assess the determinants of their willingness to adopt an environmentally friendly technology in farming. I want them to imagine ...
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Are there contemporary buildings that have been designed based on colour psychology?

I am writing my thesis on how environmental psychology has influenced architecture and i am focusing on colour. I am looking for buildings that have been designed based on how colour affects the human ...
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