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For questions regarding the transformation of information into a form which is able to be stored in memory.

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Does writing something down help memorize it?

This is a question inspired by this recent question on the Chinese Language & Usage website. Someone asked why they needed to learn how to write Chinese characters, since today we mostly use ...
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Are spaced flashcards effective for learning?

Several apps and sites offer flashcard-based learning that repeat the cards you do poorly on over a period of time (the more inaccurate the answer the closer to each other the repetitions are). One ...
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Compared efficiency of different spaced-repetition memorisation techniques

Spaced repetition is a memorization technique that works by reviewing question/answer pairs according to a schedule that depends on performance. Be it software or paper flashcards, there are various ...
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How is the biological error signal in predictive coding computed?

I am quite inspired by the results obtained by PredNet, which implements a predictive coding model using artificial neural networks. They compute the prediction error as a simple subtraction, and then ...
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Is it generally accepted idea that a memory associated with strong olfactory stimuli will be kept longer?

Question: If you go to see flowers and don't smell them, is it likely that you will forget the event easier than when you do smell them? assuming all the other factors are constant. Here's the story. ...
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How does knowledge about a subject aid in its recall?

I've experienced it many times with my students and also with myself. Let me illustrate with example: When I'm teaching, I say something like this: Gastrointenstinal Track has following sections ...
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How did Hermann Ebbinghaus conduct memory experiments on himself?

I was reading about Hermann Ebbinghaus. He became interested in experimental psychology which led him to conduct memory experiments on himself which then resulted in the publication of his book: "...
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What is the bandwidth of visual perception?

Approximately how much "bandwidth", in bits per second, can typical human visual perception process? Consider "The Matrix", where we assume a near-perfect digital encoding that can ...
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Biologically plausible models for causal inference in the human brain

Introduction: In ‘Is coding a relevant metaphor for the brain?’(2018) Romain Brette argues that the causal structure of neural codes (linear, atemporal) is incongruent with the causal structure of the ...
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Serializing and deserializing stable states of Hopfield networks

I am looking for simple artificial neural networks that may perform the following serializing task. Consider two identical Hopfield networks, one being at rest, the other being in a stable state of ...
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