Questions tagged [emotional-expression]

For questions about behavior that communicates an emotional state or attitude. It can be verbal or non-verbal, and can occur with or without self-awareness.

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Is there a concept explaining internalizing others' trauma?

I have interrelated questions about trauma and personality factors, and how the latter can possibly contribute to the former. Second Hand Trauma? Is there any concept in publications that I can ...
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What Action Units (AU) from the FACS can be combined together independetly of each other?

There exist many "impossible" combinations of AUs, let's say 45+46 for example or 18+27 etc. i.e. combinations of AU that can not possibly be expressed because they "occupy" the ...
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Disorders altering body language?

Are there neurological or psychological disorders that do not affect emotions per se, but affect how they are expressed physically by the body? For example, normally positive emotions are associated ...
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