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For questions focusing on the eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder (BED).

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Can someone be healed from a long-held addiction or compulsive disorder in an instant and without therapy due to a dramatic spiritual experience?

Can someone be healed from a long-held addiction or compulsive disorder in an instant due to a dramatic spiritual experience and without therapy? My question is motivated by multiple conversion ...
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Is it possible for someone to have anorexia without body image issues?

I've been reading about anorexia and as I understand it, it's an eating disorder where someone severely restricts their intake of food because of an intense fear of gaining weight, a distorted ...
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Seeing others with anorexia nervosa vs. "thinspiration"

I am just curious about this one: As far as I know, anorexia nervosa does not affect seeing others, so they don't see others as fat. They are reportedly seeing others in a realistic way. While I don'...
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Correlation between anorexia and mass media stereotypes

I know anorexia is a complex phenomenon. I've been reading on Wikipedia that: Sociocultural studies have highlighted the role of cultural factors, such as the promotion of thinness as the ideal ...
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Eating disorders and childhood sexual abuse

It is my understanding that extreme eating disorders such as bulimia are very intertwined with childhood sexual abuse. Just how strong is that link? I have a relative who is killing herself with ...
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