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Can alters in a D.I.D system talk to one another?

I see a lot of people claim that this is the case with dissociative identity disorder, but this claim makes me extremely skeptical. Is there any psychological reason to think that this is the case?
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What is the "official" stance on the theory of structural dissociation?

From what I have heard, Nijenhuis's research is questionable, and ridden with abusive practices. Moreover, lots of the information that I am finding on this subject is sourced to biased seeming ...
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Is emotional detachment a maladaptive coping mechanism, an important skill for people thrust into extreme situations or both?

Reading the Wikipedia article about Emotional detachment raised my eyebrow. It says: Emotional detachment is a maladaptive coping mechanism, which allows a person to react calmly to highly emotional ...
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What is dissociation?

When searching the internet for a definitive description of what dissociation is, I get a mixture of results which confuses. Wikipedia states: Dissociation, as a concept that has been developed over ...
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Can psychosis and dissociation coexist in a single episody?

Internet is plentifull of information about the differences between dissociation and psychosis, but I don't find any article that say if they can coexist in a single episody. Psychosis is when people ...
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Does dissociative amnesia bring any evolutive advantage?

Dissociative amnesia may appear after you have experienced a threat where you are unable to produce either fight or flight response. Can we ascribe any evolutive advantage to this course of events or ...
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