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For specific questions regarding the use of electronic equipment for psychological testing or the details of how humans perceive the output of devices.

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Which commodity technologies offer useful neuroimaging data?

Do any commodity technologies exist that offer useful neuroimaging data? By commodity I mean lowish cost and not requiring specialist technicians to run. By useful I mean able to reliably provide ...
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Are recent affordable EEG devices any good?

I'm looking to do some research about flow and optimal experience with EEG. I don't have access to a lab and I was wondering if the new devices that are available to the public (i.e. Melon, Muse, ...
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Does higher Electronic use relate to lower memory [duplicate]

lots of us use electronics as memory devices--making notes, reminders, etc. Does more use of electronics relate to lower retention? In other words, does not using your memory make it worse?
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Devices that detect when someone is falling asleep

I'm wondering what types of devices exist that can detect how close someone is to falling asleep. I have heard of several devices that may be able to do this, but I haven't been able to find very ...
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Does "The Brain Machine" work?

I came across this article on Make Magazine on "The Brain Machine" which will supposedly put one into a trancelike meditative state via a combination of sound and light pulses. Is there any ...
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Is Apple's iPhone Retina Display really accurate to human eye resolution?

Apple based their Retina Display on the following claim, as cited by Wikipedia: The display has a contrast ratio of 800:1. The screen is marketed by Apple as the "Retina Display", based on the ...
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