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What is this condition where you imagine a string retracing your path in space and that you feel compelled to untangle?

There is a special condition of some people where they imagine a thread that retraces the path where they have been before and feel compelled to not entangle it. They feel compelled to leave a place ...
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Can someone be healed from a long-held addiction or compulsive disorder in an instant and without therapy due to a dramatic spiritual experience?

Can someone be healed from a long-held addiction or compulsive disorder in an instant due to a dramatic spiritual experience and without therapy? My question is motivated by multiple conversion ...
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Is there a diagnostic term for a person who impulsively keeps secrets?

Almost like an addiction, similar to the way a pyromaniac feels about fire or burning... I don't know if there's even a word for this, seeing as it's not a common experience, but if there is, it ...
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What's the psychological reason for the fascination with gossiping or scandalous life?

Why do people find fascination in a tabloid magazine, paparazzi magazine, gossiping or whether prince and kings are dating or not or if actors, actresses, singers having any scandalous affairs or not? ...
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Is there a formal name for the compulsive and recurrent urges to pick one's nose in order to remove perceived imperfections?

Under which formal category does the following condition fall?: the condition of experiencing frequent and compulsive urges to pick one's nose searching for any possible perceived imperfections (be ...
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Can compulsions be defined in a way that is independent of obsessions, culture, etc?

DSM-V defines compulsions (as part of OCD) and then adds a bunch of qualifications. I wonder if we can define compulsions in a more objective way. Compulsions are repetitive behavior/thoughts ...
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Why do some students find it difficult to focus on study when at home?

Description: Student quite enthusiastic and focused during class, but can't recreate the same enthusiasm and concentration when studying alone in home. Motivation is unable to reduce the level of ...
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