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For questions about the psychology of getting large or small groups together to perform a task.

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BCI research labs

I am fairly new to the community, so I hope I am going about it the right way. I am an undergraduate student from India with an interest in BCI research. Specifically, I am interested in researching ...
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Wisdom of crowds vs group polarization

I'm having a hard time understanding two concepts: wisdom of crowds and group polarization, at the same time. Wisdom of crowds states that aggregation of information or prediction, in groups, are ...
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How do I find Computer Science-Focused Cognitive Science Labs for Research?

I'm applying for Master's in Computer Science programs with the goal of gaining research experience and moving into the field of Cognitive Science to one day get my PhD. I'm trying to find labs and ...
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Tests to Assess Collaboration Skills

We are trying to map people collaboration skills and aptitudes, in a business context. In particular we are interested in the following personality traits: Intrinsic Motivation Attitude to risk ...
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What makes disengaged participants tired / exhausted after corporate meetings?

Why do disengaged people feel tired, fatigued or unfocused after long, "boring" corporate style meetings? (there is an agenda, but not everyone participates?) Over the years I've observed dozens of ...
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Appropriate metric(s) for quantifying the accuracy gain obtained from averaging dyads of estimates instead of adopting individual estimates?

Background The question relates to research I am doing into the Wisdom of Crowds effect (Galton, 1907; Page, 2007; Surowiecki, 2004), in which an average of the estimates made by individuals proves ...
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Performance of a group solving a cognitive task: How does it scale?

Some intellectual, cognitive and perceptual tasks can be solved collaboratively. It is common knowledge that group performance is better than that of each single individual due to exchange of ...
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