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Questions tagged [cognitive-load]

Cognitive load refers to the total amount of mental effort being used in the working memory.

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What is the status of Cognitive Load Theory?

I'm relatively new to cognitive psychology. I read Anderson's Cognitive Psychology and its implications and found it extraordinary, but then again, I'm only a beginner. I noticed that Anderson does ...
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Research about effects of text formatting on cognitive load when reading?

Note: I've posted a version of this question on and have been advised to also try here. Has anyone come across peer-reviewed research on the effect of text formatting on cognitive ...
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How are schamata represented in Cognitive Load Theory

I come across papers that say things like "if the new information is compatible with the schema, it is accepted". I'm not clear on how schemata are represented by theorists in order to make this ...
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4 votes
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How can I manipulate (decrease) cognitive load in an online survey?

I am looking for ways to decrease cognitive load (or increase cognitive capacity) in an online survey. The subjects in the survey need to make an investment decision. They will see an innovative ...
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Evidence and arguments for and against bounded rationality?

Can anyone point me to a couple prominent papers on Simon's concept of bounded rationality (i.e., that human rationality is shaped by limitations in our ability to ingest and process information)? ...
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How do I stream SMI glasses eye tracker data into MATLAB?

We are planning to use the SMI glasses eye tracker. This eye tracker obtains gaze data and we will use it for pupillometry as a measure of cognitive load. The only thing I'd like to accomplish is ...
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