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Personal loss of losing father for a child

How to answer to a question raised by a 4 year old boy regarding "where is his father?" as he is unable to trace him. The child's father is no more because of major sickness.
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literature review research transgender youth of color

I'm currently working on a review of the literature. I'm looking for research on how community support can help trans youth of color. For instance, there is research that suggests that trans youth of ...
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Does being rocked in a cradle or sleeping on a ship improve sleep quality in the same way?

As we all know, mothers tend to rock the child in a cradle or in their hands. Is there any research finding that supports the claim that rocked babies sleep better than ones only held still in their ...
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Why do children often not ask epistemological questions?

I find it that children mostly ask questions of types "when", "why", "what", but rarely question the authority of figure of "how they know?". Why is this? ...
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Is there any study in the science about these true stories of babies? [closed]

For babies from several-month old to 4-year old, most of them get their parents frustrated(e.g. most babies often cry). But I heard of true stories of several babies. These true stories have the ...
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Research on the effects on separating school pupils from their friends

Recently I read that schools will sometimes separate school friends into different classes with one parent on an online forum saying in 2013 that: The principal admitted that they try to separate ...
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What happened in the fifth year of the girl that made her afraid of her father in the book "The Theory of Psychoanalysis"?

The case in question is that of an intelligent girl of eleven years of age, of good family. Dr. Jung starts discussing her in his book, on page 113 ("A CASE OF NEUROSIS IN A CHILD"), at one ...
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Has criminal-related research been conducted regarding critical childhood experiences/adverse turning points for individuals who commit murder?

I've conducted some basic research regarding criminology and the work of criminal psychologists. From what I've concluded, the focus of these studies are primarily related to determining why specific ...
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How was the infant IQ test applied to Koko?

Apparently, a Gorilla named Koko took a number of IQ tests and scored an average of 80, their full range of scores being 70 to 95. The test used was the Cattell Infant Intelligence Scale. I don't ...
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Why do expat children acquire accents more effectively than adults?

I’ve seen a number of children go through the same process, and I’m asking this question because I’d love to understand them better. Children, after relocating to a country with a language with which ...
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At what age does logical reasoning typically develop?

Mathematics appears to be almost entirely neglected in early childhood learning. As both a mathematics teacher and father home-schooling his four-year-old daughter, I am particularly focused on ...
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Risk of mental disability from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome without a postpartum diagnosis

My wife and I are considering adoption of a child whose mother binged alcohol during pregnancy. Part of this very complex and emotional decision for us is understanding the risks that the child will ...
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A self-motivational technique - authorization of results - looking for origins

I have recently read an article that describes a technique called "authorization of results". The technique suggests a particular protocol of self-reviewing any achieved result of a ...
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